Is Your Child Doing The RIGHT Thing NOW To Prepare for PSLE?

“Just in case you get the impression that Norman focuses only on underachievers and gets results, this is not true. High achievers using his methods, scale to new heights of excellence in Mathematics. In fact, anybody who comes in contact with him and is exposed to his methods is bound to learn something useful, just like I did!”

Dr. Radhi Raja, Research Associate, Centre for Research in Pedagogy & Practice, National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University

Note: If you are looking for a normal PSLE revision program, this might not be the one. However, if you want to find out the core activities your child should focus on NOW to boost the performance leading to distinction in PSLE, what you are about to read may be important...

Dear Parents,

Just like running a marathon, your child is near to completing their 6 years of primary education and the finishing line is just ahead. In this critical phase of the race, do you know if your child is doing the RIGHT thing now? Is your child walking, jogging or making a final dash towards the end point? 



In the recent 3 years without fail, our media will report on top math students breaking down during their PSLE math papers, and forums discussing the super challenging PSLE questions even parents with double degree can’t solve. Is PSLE going to be more challenging this year? If yes, is your child prepared for it? 


How Most Students Prepare For Their PSLE?

Having spent more than a decade training thousands of primary 6 students excel in PSLE, I noticed many students were taking the incorrect preparation approach that is not helping themselves to excel in examinations but instead, only maintain the math standard they are currently at! 

Most students will adopt the exam papers ‘drilling’ approach but felt disappointed as it is not getting the students the quantum leap results they expect. Is it because this approach is ineffective? If you take a look closer at the papers these students have attempted, you might noticed that most actually spent their allocated time solving questions they already knew while leaving blanks to those unfamiliar yet critical questions they have not seen before! 
What Is Our Local Education Testing System Looking For? 

As more and more students are now trained to solve the ‘predictable’ questions, or questions that consistently appear in different schools’ exam papers, and in order to differentiate the A* student from the pool of A’s students, our local testing system are relying on non-routine and unfamiliar questions as “sieving tool” to select the cream of the crop. 

What Are The Core Activities Your child Must Focus On Now To Attain An A* In PSLE?

There are 3 key activities your child should be focusing on now: 
  1. Exposure to unfamiliar or non-routine questions 

    It is important for students to know the various ways a question can be asked for each topic. Also, students will not be put in an anxious state if they have been well exposed to unfamiliar questions. However, these questions are rare and hard to gather as you can only find one or two unfamiliar or non-routine questions in a quality exam paper. 

  2. Learn the Strategies to solve these questions
    Students must be taught the analytical and reasoning skills to solve such questions. More importantly, they must understand the logic behind the strategies taught instead of just relying on their great memory to remember the steps only. This is to ensure that should a similar question appear in PSLE with different paraphrasing, students will not be taken aback but will still be able to apply the logic and solve it. 

  3. Test for understanding and retention
    To prevent students from making the same mistakes after being corrected, there must be a system to test the students’ understanding and retention of strategies taught. This is normally achieved by presenting students with “parallel” or “cloned” questions; questions that are very similar to the original questions they initially faced challenges solving.

Who Is Norman Tien?


I started Norman Tien Math Learning Group and Neuromath Academy with a passion to help students excel in Math. 

Being a top PSLE math specialist for over 2 decades, I have helped thousands of students reach their peak performance and score the marks they truly deserve. Besides teaching math to students, I train teachers and educators the art of teaching. I am also an invited speaker to local Schools, Societies (ADHD Society), Associations (Dyslexic Association of Singapore) and other major educational events in Singapore.

As an education researcher, I co-authored the education research paper for the International Pedagogy Conference, presenting to leading researchers and educators, the emergence of new knowledge, technologies and the challenges posed by linguistically and culturally diverse students, initiated by our National Institute of Education’s Centre for Research in Pedagogy & Practice. 

Is Your Child
  • Not scoring A* in exams despite working very hard

  • Only attempting questions he/she is familiar and leaving blanks for the unfamiliar ones

  • Unable to see improvements in his/her results even after doing so many practices

  • Facing difficulties solving challenging non-routine questions

  • Lacks strategies his/her classmates know 

  • Unable to fully understanding the logic behind the math methods taught

  • Not performing up to his/her potential

Our Tested And Proven
PSLE A* Math Training Program

If your child faces any of the above concerns, I would strongly suggest you to enroll your child to our tested and proven PSLE A* Training Program. 

This program will prepare your child to have a clear edge over his/her peers.

"Xue Yao could only manage a B but after enrolling, my son shows tremendous improvements in his maths, especially his problem sums. In his prelim exam, he scored a near perfect score of 98/100. He was able to understand and apply your easy to grasp methods. In his PSLE, he scored an A*."

Alfred Fun, father of Xue Yao, improved from B to A*

Incorporating our proven proprietary teaching methodologies, our structured e-Lessons aim to expose students with unfamiliar and non-routine questions and to impart them with our unconventional strategies to tackle these challenging questions selected from school prelims and PSLE exam papers. Together with our comprehensive testing system, students are assessed on their understanding of logic learned and ability to apply these strategies instead of just repeating the steps via memorization, ensuring highest retention.


On topical basis, students can print and practice the quality unfamiliar and non-routine questions.



Lessons presented using topical approach, students will have an understanding of the topics they are strong in and those they need to pay more attention to. Our lessons will get students to experience how questions can be asked for each topic and how to solve them with tools and strategies not taught in most schools. Selected for use in each lesson are Genuine school exam questions of Higher Order Thinking level, Quality questions worthy of our students’ time!

It is a common sight for a 12 year old to avoid solving such challenging unfamiliar questions but once they have formed a positive attitude towards meeting challenges, he/she will exhibit confidence as well as interests towards solving challenging sums.

"The e-portal trains Jon to solve math questions independently without parent supervision. Weekly test contains similar questions that were taught in the lessons, allowing me to know if he is able to apply the strategies learnt. Also, the auto-marking and email notification helps me to monitor if Jon is making improvements. This is a great relief for me!"

Mrs Lee, Parent of Jon Lee






Step-by-step online video illustrates the problem solving sequence, helping students understand concepts of strategies taught 



For more complex problem sums, students often face difficulties understanding the static solutions provided at the back of most assessment books. Instead of going through pages of laborious and confusing explanations, students can now see and grasp the techniques on video. Our video tutorials explain clearly step by step in a simple and easy to understand format. It is just like sitting next to a teacher!

Proprietary Testing System


Students will be tested at the end of each topic. Selected questions from practice papers are ‘cloned’ to test for understanding and retention. 


Designed to test for understanding as well as retention of lessons learnt, students will be tested. Questions tested are similar to those in the lessons but phrased or asked in a different manner, training students to spot for similarities and to apply the strategies taught. Testing system is also meant to provide consistent practices, helping students maintain the momentum in critical thinking, a vital habit to academic success
The best system to ensure students’ understanding and retention of strategies taught!


Immediate Feedback

Step by step static solutions are provided online and student are able to check on their solutions instantly!

Confidence Boost

Students are given edge over their peers with TIME SAVING strategies normally obtained from experienced specialist teachers. They will be able to understand the logic behind the strategies taught instead of just relying on their great memory to remember the steps only

"My daughter was not a math enthusiast.  I am glad that I came across one of the parental talks given by Neuromath. What impresses me was that Mr Tien had gathered questions from different schools and past years' PSLE questions, sorted them according to topics and levels of difficulty. I would like to thank Mr Tien for providing the e-portal which helped home revision tremendously in the last two crucial months. She got A* for her PSLE Math. Without them, Yuan Ying would not have gained the confidence she badly needed to shine in her PSLE."

Dawn Lo, Parent of Liak Yuan Ying 

How does our program help your child?

Your child will benefit from our proven PSLE A* training program through:
  • Topical practices - help CULTIVATE regular math practice in students. Consistent practices and maintaining the momentum is vital to a student's success

  • Wide EXPOSURE to ‘tough unfamiliar’ questions – students understand the various ways questions of each topic can be asked and INSTILLING in them the confidence should they encounter questions that are asked differently in PSLE

  • Unconventional STRATEGIES - students are given edge over their peers with TIME SAVING strategies normally obtained from experienced specialist teachers

  • Topical ASSESSMENT via Proprietary Testing System - ensure full understanding and highest retention of strategies learned

  • GENUINE challenging school exam questions - gathered over the years by our team of teachers who have researched extensively and analyzing math exam papers of different schools

  • LEARN AT OWN PACE – students can print the practices and attempt as many times they wish, view video teachings till students grasp logic at their own convenience and pace

  • Our e-portal serves as a Platform for QUALITY REVISION - through view and practices of archived past lessons

  • Simulated FULL LENGTH Exam Papers – specially prepared prior to major examinations, building confidence as well as serving as a measure of readiness
...And that’s just the tip of the iceberg because your child will get everything to become an ACHIEVER! 

What makes us DIFFERENT from other PSLE revision programs?

Unlike many other PSLE programs that provides just a “Helicopter” view of the primary 5 and 6 topics, our proven and tested PSLE A* program is designed specifically to help students attain the A* they deserve. On top of this, your child will be trained using quality genuine school exam questions worthy of your child’s time.
Topics Covered:
Logic & Reasoning and Patterns
Whole Numbers
Area & Perimeter

Comprehensive Exposure to TOP Critical Topics 

Your decision to subscribe our proprietary training program today will bring smile and confidence to your child tomorrow. Your child can ……
  • Learn from our dedicated team of math specialists with minimum 10 years experience in training PSLE students
  • Gain exposure to a huge selection of challenging questions
  • Receive 2 practice papers and 1 test paper for each topic every week
  • Learn the shortcuts and strategies only known by experienced math trainers
  • View the Step-by-Step Online Videos for practice questions
  • Learn at his/her own pace and convenience
  • Re-practice anytime he/she wants

“Thank you very much for helping and guiding Jolene to achieve an A* for her PSLE. We have been teaching Jolene ourselves. She always has difficulty in grasping concepts and understanding what is required in the questions.

We are extremely grateful to you & your team for helping Jolene to achieve success from Band 2 to an A*. Your teaching methods, illustrations, patience and understanding have helped Jolene grasp this rather abstract subject.

Your collation and analysis of Maths questions from various schools over the years and categorizing them to how questions from each topic can be asked and the approach to answering them also helped her. We strongly recommend students having difficulty in understanding, visualizing and grasping Maths concepts to try out your program.”

Dr & Mrs Loi, Parents of Jolene, formerly from Nanyang Primary School

The THREE “S” Approach To Success



We are writing this letter to thank you for helping our son, Wyatt Wong, to achieve an excellent result in his PSLE examinations. He scored an A* in Mathematics.

Before he began classes at your education centre, he was just managing to pass his Mathematics and found it a difficult subject to understand. But after one month of studying the subject using your creative formulas, we began to see improvements in his ability to tackle the questions.

We found that your teaching programme helped the students to identify the types of methods require to solve the problem and hence gave them the ability to think on the right track and pen down that ever so important first line in their answers.

We are truly grateful to you and all your teaching staff by giving Wyatt an experience in learning to overcome difficulties and building up his self confidence.

Thank you.

 Mr and Mrs John Wong, Parents of Wyatt

Is it necessary to subscribe my child to your PSLE A* training program?

Some parents asked me if there’s a need to subscribe their child for our PSLE A* training program if their child is already attending tuition or has a home tutor? 

Frankly, it all depends on your personal desire and plan for your own child. 

If getting an A* and securing a place in a choice secondary school is not important to you and your child, there is no need for your child to go through this program on top of your child’s current activity.


if getting an A* and ensuring your child enters your choice secondary school is important, I assure you that this program will serve your purpose well!

"The compilation of questions allows my daughter to work through them and be better prepared for each Math exam. She started working on them since P5 and thus able to maintain 97 marks in P5SA2 and 96.5 marks in this year’s P6CA1. We don't see such questions in her schoolwork but she is often tested on such challenging questions. Whenever she comes across any question that she can’t solve, she benefits from the step by step solutions or video explanations. The school exam papers that we used to buy for her, the solutions are often unclear. Thank you Neuromath for taking the effort to compile these questions. You have given students who want to aim for A* a powerful secret weapon."

Mdm Low, Parent of Carman Chew

You Know The Choice Is With You. 
Take The Opportunity To Invest In Your Child's Future!


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Special Promotional Price: $880

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