Neuromath Online is an online e-learning platform to deliver online courses, giving parents and students access to valuable resources that have been developed by Neuromath over the years and helping students develop their cognitive and problem solving skills.

About 100 VQ

In this online programme, your child will be challenged with the latest visual questions accompanied by the following features:

  • Effective Solving Methods Only Experienced Teachers Know
  • Important Concepts That Help Minimise Working Steps
  • Systematic Step-by-Step Teaching with Illustration.

It is the Ultimate Resource to score that A* in your Math at PSLE.

About Math Impossible

Math Impossible features a collection of tricky questions we created for a workbook. It has helped many students avoid the pitfalls of tricky questions during Math examinations.

There are three levels in the mission. At each level, your child will be challenged by 10 questions followed by the worked solutions to check your child’s understanding.

About Neuromath

Neuromath was founded in 2002 by Mr Norman Tien, a PSLE Math Trainer with over 20 years of teaching experience. His passionate drive to help every child excel acts as a catalyst, inspiring his team to deliver quality teaching and help learners realise their full potential. Supported by a dynamic team, Neuromath has delivered the learning solutions to thousands of students from pre-primary to secondary levels.

Our highly qualified, experienced teachers are constantly committed in extensive research to keep abreast of the developments in Math education. They exhibit a strong desire of going the extra mile to ensure each child receives the best opportunity to grow, and be equipped with relevant tools to succeed in school and life.